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Day - 9 Haridwar to Shahjanpur Page No.10

Page No.10

Date: 30.12.2012 (Sunday)

Start From: Haridwar to Shahjanpur

We reached Haridwar previous day i.e 29.12.2012 (Saturday) late night & it was a horrible journey driving through Sharanpur where there was absolutely terrible road for more than some 50 KMs? 

Haridwar was extremely chill & cold at Night as well as early morning.

We got place to stay at Birla Bhavan to stay all thanks to my good friend & Brother Anupam Shukla who visits Haridwar with his family & stays here & he had put me in touch with.

The best thing about Birla Bhavan where we stayed was the River Ganges flows right below the hotel's walls, meaning when you open the balcony you see the flowing Ganga River.

Just awesome, pictures taken at very early chill morning 6.45 AM.

We were literally shivering when we opened the balcony door to have a look at the Ganges River which was just flowing below. Cold wind was coming inside.

We had a family from Mumbai who had stayed in this same Birla Bhavan.

We took many photos of the water birds & the River Ganga.

Little Shrimeenakshi said she wants to do Dhyanam and sat in meditation for some time and Uthamkumar said he wants to do Yoga.

We left Haridwar towards Shahjahanpur to go towards Nepal Border.

The time was around 11.30 A.M. and the odometer reading was 46222.

We had done 5022 KMs so far.

The distance from Jalandhar to Haridwar covered was 352 KMs & we got an average of 16.1 kmpl.

 I did not take any photos on the way from Haridwar as I was concentrating in driving all the way to Shahjahanpur which was through some bad roads & the distance we had to cover was 695 KMs and it was a long drive through some very bad roads.

On the way we stopped at a Lord Shiva Temple and we offered our prayers and prayed to the Lord that we have a safe journey further on & protect us.

We got sms from my father that one of our Uncle had passed away and that meant we could not visit any more temples till next 13 days which meant till the completion of our trip.

This altered all my plans as I had to re-work on my return trip. I had planned to visit Varanasi and now I could not go to this Lord Shiva Temple at Varanasi the Holiest of Shiva Temples in mark of respect to the departed soul & as per Hindu Rituals we arent supposed to visit temples for 13 days.

May be the kind Lord gave us the last chance in this trip by making us visit him & offer prayers & we performed an abhishek and after we left we had got the sms. We pray we get a chance to visit Varanasi in future.

We reached Shajahanpur at mid night at almost 1 AM. It was really very tough. It was extremely chill, very bad & unknown roads and finally we touched Shahjanpur safely & found a hotel to stay for the night.

Next we will proceed from Shajahpur towards Gauri Fanta to enter into NEPAL. Stay tuned.

This ends Day - 9.

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  1. MN,

    Good account of day 9. Loved all the photographs. And sad to hear that you had to shelve Varanasi on your return but the positive side is that could be the reason for another drive :)

    13yrs back I had the good fortune of visiting Varansi and we were there for almost a week and I really loved the experience.

    Now I'm eagerly waiting for the Nepal account to begin. I have an open invite from 2 friends for a Nepal visit in April but I guess I wouldn't be going now. I would any day prefer a drive soaking in the experience rather than flying down for a visit.

  2. It is a lifetime experience to stay on the bank of river Ganga. Hope river Ganga might have refreshed the mind and body for next trip pumping lot of positive energy.