Friday, December 14, 2012

H2H - 2K2K - Prologue Page No.1

Highway 2 Himalayas - Kanyakumari 2 Kathmandu

9300 KMs in 17 Days

Start Date: 21.12.2012 10 PM Night

End Date: 07.01.2013 11.45 PM Night


S. No            Description                              Page No                        URL Link

1.                   Prologue                                  Page.No.1

2.                  Chennai 2 KanyaKumari        Page No.2
Day 0 & Day 1 Date: 21.12.2012 & 22.12.2012 (Friday & Saturday)

3.                  KK 2 Bengaluru                       Page.No.3
Day 2 Date: 23.12.2012 (Sunday)

4.                  Lonavala                                    Page No.4
Day 3 Date: 24.12.2012 (Monday)

5.                  Lonavala 2 Udaipur                  Page No.5

6.                  Udaipur                                       Page No.6
Day 5 Date: 26.12.2012 (Wednesday)

7.                  Udaipur 2 Bikaner                     Page No.7
Day 6 Date: 27.12.2012 (Thursday)

7.                  Bikaner 2 Amritser                     Page No.8
Day 7 Date: 28.12.2012 (Friday)

Dear All,

This entire H2H 2K2K Road Trip is being made into a DVD Movie.

In fact all my previous Road Trips have also been made into DVD Movie.

This movie will have all the photos, videos, text with explanations & very nice MP3 Songs for background which will ultimately make watching this movie as a virtual journey along with MN family to NEPAL in your own home with your own family a very memorable experience for sure.

Anyone who is interested to get them please write to with your name, address & contact number & I will respond to you. The DVD Movie is under preperation & will be ready shortly.

What I am sharing with you all in this blog site is only the photos & not the videos taken and these priceless videos will be there in the DVD Movie.

I can assure you it will be real fun & worth watching it on big screen as a Movie over a nice weekend.

Send mail with your requirement to
Page No.1


4 years ago when we (MN family of 4) took the first step of hitting the highway for all our Annual Vacation we never knew how years to come will lead us & where to.

Thats why it is said the first step should be the right step. It is rightly said start them young - Baby Shri Meenakshi was just 1 year 4 months when we did our first Road Trip & Little Master Uthamkumar was just 5 years of age.

We completed a 1ST HATTRICK - 3 Road Trips in 3 Years.

2008 - 2009 "A FIAT Love Story" 3334 KMs - 15 Days

Please read the details of our 1st Trip in this Link below;

2009 - 2010 "Mission Impossible" - 6800 KMs in 18 Days

Please read the details of our 2nd Trip in this Link below;
2010 - 2011 "Life Mein Linea" 7400 KMs 16 Days

Please read the details of our 3rd Trip in this Link below;

20th December 2008 - 3rd January 2009

"A FIAT Love Story" - A Road Trip from Coimbatore Tamil Nadu to Gokak Falls in North Karnataka in our FIAT Palio 1.6 GTX Petrol - 15 Days 3334 KMs.

Picture - 21st December 2008 @ Calicut Kerala

Picture - 28th December 2008 @ Sawanthwadi / Amboli Ghat Maharastra

22nd December 2009 - 8th January 2010

"MISSION IMPOSSIBLE" - A Road Trip from Coimbatore Tamil Nadu to SAM Camel Safari Camp Village, Jaisalmer Rajasthan in North India in our FIAT Palio 1.6 GTX Petrol - 17 Days 6800 KMs.

SAM is the last village bordering to Pakistan (Indo-PAK border) the border is some 60 KMs away.

We were originally supposed to go to Kathmandu NEPAL during this trip but destination got changed to SAM as there was Political Turmoil in Nepal and in the state of Andhra Pradesh during our proposed return trip.

The ORIGINAL destination was changed from NEPAL to Rajasthan.

So we left some UNFINISHED BUSINESS in 2009-10!!!!!

Picture - 24th December 2009 @ Belgaum

Picture - 3rd January 2010 @ Sam, Rajasthan.

17th December 2010 - 2nd January 2011

"Life Mein Linea" - A Road Trip from Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) to a friendly neighbouring Country "The Land of Thunder Dragon BHUTAN" in our brand new FIAT Linea 1.3 Multijet Diesel - 16 Days 7400 KMs.

Picture - 23rd December 2010 @ BHUTAN (0 Deg C)

December 2011 - January 2012 - There was a break.

Give me a Break! We all need a Break isint it?
  • Change of Job & Company
  • Shifted location from Coimbatore to Chennai, me @ Chennai, Wife & Kids @ Coimbatore
  • New Job, New Assignment, New Boss, No Leave, No Time
  • NO MONEY!!!! I remembered my 10th Standard High School Principal Shri S.C.Patil Sir who always said MT (Money Tonic) - He said if you have MT with you then you are full if not then you are Empty! Ha Ha..

Now No one should leave any BUSINESS UNFINISHED isint it??????

So the New Journey begings now!

Stay with me on this epic journey H2H - 2K2K all the way.

MN Airways will take you far away!!!!

In life to succeed we all need many Ps P P P P P P P P P P P

Presence of Mind
Pals (FriendshiP)
Paisa (Money)
Pati / Patni Power (Supportive Husband / Wife)

So here we go step by step. Where there is a WILL there always is a WAY.

 I am a FIAT Fan & a great admirer of FIAT Cars & FIAT Brand & its Ancient History & its various Brands & Products.
I have so many friends in India who share this same Love for FIAT & My passion & we are all Brothers! 


I belong to an Automobile Enthusiasts Group exclusively for all make & model of FIAT cars called MYFIATWORLD.IN

This forum has in it the oldest FIAT Classic cars such as Millecento made in 1954 and Super Select, President, Premier Padminis  and the Great Legends such as Uno, Siena, Petra and Palio Hatchback, Palio Adventure SUV, the latest FIAT the Stylish Grande Punto & the Sexy Italian Beauty FIAT Linea.

Anyone who is a FIAT Enthusiast & owns any make & model of FIAT can join this forum


MYFIATWORLD is also available on Facebook

Click on this link below to go to the next Page. No.2; Chennai to KanyaKumari 22.12.2012 (Saturday)


  1. wow going to be Interesting.lovely going

  2. Wish all the best for your epic journey. May God bless you with full of joy for the entire family throughout the journey.

  3. K2K - amazingly anticipated and bon voyage ... senour
    Will be hooked with the entirely along with all mfw bro 's in town.

    DO Allow us a Live Google Tracker on G-lat during the trip.
    As always there's mumbai from a pitstop and say "hello"


  4. Dear All,

    SATNAV Technologies of Hyderabad who are No.1 & leading Manufacturer & suppliers of GPS Navigation System have installed a GPS Tracker in my Car & it will track my presence all the time. I am also using their GPS Navigation System. For more details please visit their website

    They also have placed a high end video camera recorder in the dash board which will continuosly record the road conditions and places I visit etc and they can use the data to reconcile data & to make changes in road maps future, make a note of points of interest etc. A whole lot of video data with GPS location will be used by them.

    They are going to do a track MN initiative of their own & I will share the Details. I am sure Mr.Amit Prasad - Founder, MD & CEO & Mr.Somasundarm Selvamuthiah - Co-Founder & SVP of SATNAV will be extremely happy to be with us & share their inputs & thoughts too. I will invite them also to come board this journey of H2H 2K2K.

    They will share with us their Track MN initiative shortly.

  5. Bon voyage, MN. Have a nice time.

    J. Ravi

  6. Have a wonderful,safe,comfortable & thrilling trip!Amazed by your addiction! Will wait to hear & read all about your journey..! Take care! Luv to kids! Regards to Mrs.Mr.MN! Good Luck!

  7. Dear Amolika, Sunilkumar, Tarak, J Ravi Sir, HV Kumar Sir & Bhaskar, Sincere thanks for all your best wishes & blessings. I certainly will need it and I am sure it will take & to my destination & bring me back home safely.

    I will update on the next developments shortly. The P & P (Planning & Preperation)

  8. MN sir, at last your kids got their way, Happy Holidays and Safe drive...will be following your trip closely.

  9. Dear All, Just 2 more days to go. The count down to H2H 2K2K has started. For me it is now a race against time - too many loose end to be tied up. Feel happy that my life partner is standing shoulder to shoulder & helping me in packing and she has also come out with some great suggestions considering that she too also carries 3 trip rich experience. We are now overcoming some of the issues & bottle necks we both had faced taking care of 2 small children. The lady is putting on a brave face & politely asking are you sure you can pull this off considering that you are now becoming an old man! Now come on Am I? Time will tell in 2 weeks time. Here we go...

  10. Amazing and waiting to see the updates MN and waiting to see lovely pics of my best buddy(Meenakshi) and ofcourse Uttham too...

  11. Dear Mahesh,

    We are excited to play a small part in your exciting journey! Look forward to wonderful updates on the trip whenever you get a chance. Have a wonderful time.

    SatNav Technologies

  12. Eagerly waiting for the first part of the trip. Hope you might have already reached the south most end of our country.

  13. Hi , team

    Updates on 2K2K

    Since his departure from Kanyakumari , MN so far connected with Bangaluru( had a some delightful round of convo's in person followed with family dinner & now slowly but surely heading up on NH4 enroute lonavla

    He has almost clocked some 1600 kms(elapsed) already in this set journey to reach Udaipur. This is a solo drive and fatigue is close to none. Team Mumbai is planning to intersect the handle # 8740 at the next pit stop.

    Further updates with pic's & share's will be posted as soon as time permits

    WR, (on behalf MN)

  14. Great going MN! Wishing you a wonderful time :)

  15. Maheshji, wish you and your family a safe and wonderful journey..

  16. Mahesh anna, Great going have a wonderful journey & Enjoy the trip..

  17. Have an enjoyable trip , MN . Convey my regards to your family .
    Arun , Kannur .

  18. Dear All, I know you all are waiting to hear from me after this. I am so sorry for keeping you all waiting as I had a very hectic schedule. I am right now in Udaipur in Rajasthan and today 26.12.2012 at 7.30 PM evening we are just about to have our dinner & after this we will be proceeding to Bikaner in the night. So please follow me now. I will assure you to keep you filled in with details. Right now let the photos do the speaking.

  19. Happy to hear the updates from Lake city. It is a thrilling experience to follow a live update. Good luck for Night journey.

  20. Enjoy your trip, MN. Have a nice time. Hope, the rats of Karni Mata temple @ Deshnoke won't bother your Linea!;)

  21. Have a great time MN Ji.

    Eagerly waiting for another great travelogue after your return.

  22. Hi Mahesh ,

    I am impressed , never knew this passion of your's ... I too am a road freak and have done the full himalayas and country side ...Its real fun and gives you a real kick ... All the best for the balance of your journey ... Does your good lady also take the wheel or is it all the way left to your hands ...

    Cheers and happy riding ..


    1. Dear Mohan Sir,

      My wife has clearly made it very clear that she isint interested in driving at all and her logic was since I do all the driving & enjoy it.

      I have sincerely tried to create an awareness & interest in her for some time now and it is no use at all. She tells me she can do a good job in the kitchen by cooking better than driving. I agree too.

      The way to a Man's heart is through his Stomach! She is a damn good cook.

      She scared the hell out of me one day by saying is you force me to learn to drive & if I learn & later crash your well maintained cars which you love them more than me dont ask any questions!!!!

      So that settled it Sir..the kind hearted lady doesnt drive at all for my sake.

  23. Wow we are really thrilled and happy to join you in your trip. Great Going.... Keep driving and we follow u..... We pray for your safe journey and thorough enjoyment.....

    Murugu / Rajeswari / Babitha / Ragu

  24. Hi All,

    Critical Update on 2k2k

    MN family of 4 , wishes all of you a HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YR 2-0-1-3

    Having said , the Linea has just crossed 9000kms & presently getting them home post lunch at Vijaywada , tentative by 7pm eve the car would be bordering Chennai city limits.

    There have been sincere apologies from the chief for the minor disconnect as there were few technical problems with hardware & charging gear responsible for on-the-go portable devices.

    The MN family wife & 2 kids (Sri meenakshi) has put down on weight considerably due to food restrictions. Above else all are really in top health.

    More updates & Pictures from the travel log will follow suit

    WR, (On Behalf )

  25. Dear All,

    First of all it gives me great pleasure to say heartfelt & sincere thanks to all of you for all your love, best wishes, blessings & support without which we team of 4 (MN family) would not have made this herculian trip which has taken us from one tip to another tip. We started the trip from Kanyakumari Southern Tip of India and ended it on the Himalayan Tip at Surunkot from where the road leads to Himalayan Mountain from where we could see the Annapurna Range of Mountains of Himalayas so clear.

    The total distance we covered was 9300 KMs (12 km short to be precise 9288 KMs) started on 21st December 2012 and ended it safely on 7th January 2013 midnight 11.45 PM at our home.

    The starting Odometer Reading from Chennai to Kanyakumari was 41200 KMs on 21.12.2012 at 10 PM night and the closing KM yesterday was 50488 KMS that makes it 9288 KMS to be very precise in 17 days making it an average of 546 KMs per day of driving.

    The icing on the cake was - I did a non stop drive of from Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh) almost Nepal Border back to Chennai (Tamil Nadu) through Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh back to Tamil Nadu non stop with just 5 breaks, 3 major breaks of 3 hour & 2 hours each & 2 minor of 45 minutes & 30 minutes in 55 hours 54 minutes.

    We all were so fresh at night 11 PM when we reached Chennai at Anna Nagar where we stopped for our Dinner at Pizza Hut that we could have still driven on further except that all good things have to come to an end. So we have completed our 4th road trip safely & successfully and now I have kept you all waiting for so long time that it is time for me to deliever you all the wonderful photos & pictures & feedbacks etc which you all have been waiting so eagerly.

    I will not disappoint you all anymore.

    Last but not least there is one man whom we MN family would sincerely like to thank from the bottom of our heart Arun & Essilor India Pvt Ltd who made this trip happen by supporting us with the Sponsorship without which it would not have happend.

    Now I will let the photos & pictures do the taking in the next subsequent pages, so keep following me. You have so far seen 2 pages, just wait for the flood gates to open up now!!!!

    Like Arnold Schzwaneger said "I am BACK!!!!!"

  26. After doing the Gorakhpur (left on 5th January 2013 at 7 AM early morning) & reaching Chennai at 11.45 PM night on 7th January 2013 covering 2515 KMs totally yesterday midnight in 55 hours 54 minutes both my kids went to school today morning at 7 AM & 8 AM and I am back in office now.

    We just got delayed by 1 day as we had lost time from Lonavala onwards and the backlog got added to 1 day. Had it not been for the extreme bad road in Bihar I would have reached Chennai on Sunday night instead of Monday night.

    That speaks of our commitment to to the trip & our official lives (School & Office).

  27. Great and inspiring sir.........i'm starting my first long ride from chennai to kovilpatti tomorrow with palio 1.2

  28. All the very best to you. Drive safe. Remember each & every journey irrespcetive of time & distance should be done with respect. Keep your eyes & ears & senses open and be aware of your surroundings. Presence of Mind helps.

  29. Dear All, I have added few more photos in the end to this Prologue Page making it more peppier. Watch it. Hope you all enjoy it.

  30. Hello Mahesh,

    Congratulations to you and your wife and kids too! Amazing drive, hats off!

  31. Dear All,

    We are back with our 5th Road Trip. We did Chennai 2Cheerapunjee in Meghalaya from 21st December 2016 to 5th January 2017. We did 7171 KMs in 15 Days. Since you all are so interested in travelogues and had followed us in 2012 I am here with sharing you our 5th Road Trip bog which is coming after almost 4 years.