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Day 0 & 1 Chennai 2 Kanyakumai Page No.2

Page No.2
Chennai 2 KanyaKumari

Dear All,

This entire H2H 2K2K Road Trip is being made into a DVD Movie.

In fact all my previous Road Trips have also been made into DVD Movie.

This movie will have all the photos, videos, text with explanations & very nice MP3 Songs for background which will ultimately make watching this movie as a virtual journey along with MN family to NEPAL in your own home with your own family a very memorable experience for sure.

Anyone who is interested to get them please write to with your name, address & contact number & I will respond to you. The DVD Movie is under preperation & will be ready shortly.

What I am sharing with you all in this blog site is only the photos & not the videos taken and these priceless videos will be there in the DVD Movie.

I can assure you it will be real fun & worth watching it on big screen as a Movie over a nice weekend.

Send mail with your requirement to

I am not in a position right now to write any detailed blog with the heavy daily driving (only single driver) & paucity of time.
I am going to make the pictures do the speaking and I will post a more detailed blog in this same page once I find more free time.
Dear all,

I hope you all would have read the prologue in the previous page.

I had mentioned about the P’s.
One P leads to many P’s.

I will start with the first p.

Planning –

For a road trip of this size & magnitude very detailed planning is required to ensure that everything is in place and there are no surprises.
The planned H2H 2K2K Trip in brief

Highway to Himalayas - H2H
Kanyakumari 2 Kathmandu 2K2K
8500 KMS - 16 Days Road Trip in FIAT LINEA MJD
Start Date21.12.2012Friday18:00
End Date06.01.2013Sunday
Chennai - Kanyakumari to Kathmandu
FromToDistance in KMTime Reqd Avg 70 KMPHQty of Diesel ReqdCost @ Rs.52/- per ltr
Kanyakumari Lonavala157022985103
RudrapurBardia N Park14329465
Bardia NPKathmandu6119381986
Total - A58348336518961
Kathmandu to Chennai Return Journey
Total - B2906421829445
Grand Total (A+B)874012554628405


·         Detailed checklist for Preparation.
·         For car – Insurance renewal on 2nd December 2012, New Tyre change wheel alignment, wheel balancing, Car maintenance Oil Change, Air Filter & Oil Filter Change, ECU Scanning & Complete through checkup, Ground Clearance upgrade kit.
·         Route information.
·         Preparation for winter clothing –thermal wear, sweaters, muffler, monkey caps, ear plugs, woolen socks, hand gloves, woolen bed sheets.
·         Preparation for personal ware clothing- since the trip is from 21-12-12 till 6th Jan 2013 we optimize on the clothes and we packed the clothes wisely thanks to the lady.
Planning leads to preparation,
Preparation leads to Prepedness,
Prepedness leads to peace of mind and
Peace of mind leads to Progress
With all these peace tied up we proceeded on our way from Chennai to kanyakumari.
  • Vision without action is Day Dreaming,
  • Action without vision is Nightmare,
  • Vision with action is Progress.

  • Preparation - Check List

    Long Distance Drive Check List
    Check List for Car
    ·         RC Paper (Original & Photo Copies)
    ·         Driving License (Original & Photo Copies)
    ·         Insurance (Original & Photo Copies)
    ·         Pollution Under Check Certificate (Original & Photo Copies)
    ·         Emergency Contact Numbers, Names
    ·         Blood Group of Occupants (Name, Age & Blood Group)
    ·         Car’s Complete Manuals & Service Center Details
    ·         Sun Glasses & Reading Glasses
    ·         Car Jack
    ·         Tow Rope
    ·         Foot Pump
    ·         Air Pressure Gauge
    Tyre Remover Spanner, Screw Driver
    ·         Adjustable Spanner
    ·         Spare Tyre Check
    ·         Engine oil and Radiator coolant, Fuse
    ·         Spare Head Light Bulbs
    ·         Car Wash Shampoo
    ·         Wind Shield Cleaning Liquid
    ·         Colin Glass Cleaner
    Car Cleaning Clothes
    ·         Mat Cleaning Hand Brush
    ·         GPS Navigation Device
    ·         Video Recorder
    ·         GPS Tracker
    ·         DC to AC Inverter
    ·         Insulation Tape
    ·         Soft Scorch Bite
    2 Powerful Torch (Small & Big) & Spare Batteries
    Car Perfume & Deodorant (Ambipure)
    ·         5 Liter Plastic Spare Fuel Can & Funnel
    ·         Yellow Tape to be put on Head Lamps driving through Gujarat
    Laptop, Camera, Mobile Phones
    ·         Laptop with Power Chord
    ·         Internet USB Modem Data card
    ·         Camera (Sony Cybershot & Fuji)
    ·         Camera Charger & Batteries
    ·         SD Card reader
    ·         Mobile Car Charger & regular Charger
    ·         USB charger
    Personal Items
    ·         Passport for all 4 (Photocopies)
    ·         Passport Size Photos for all
    ·         Office ID card
    ·         Address Proof Letter
    ·         Office Visiting Cards
    Personal Care Items
    ·         First Aid kit (Cotton, Cotton Gauge, Dettol Solution, Band Aid, Ear Buds)
    ·         Hand Sanitizer Liquid Hand wash Soap
    ·         Nivea Cold Cream & Vaseline Moisturizer
    ·         All Out-Mosquito Repellent Liquid & HIT Spray
    ·         Soap (Bathing & Washing Soap Bar & Power Sachet Packets)
    ·         Tooth Brush & Paste
    ·         Comb
    ·         Shaving Foam & Razor & After Shave Lotion
    ·         Deodorant Spray & Perfume
    ·         Hair band, Clips
    ·         Coconut Oil / Hair Cream / Gel
    ·         Olive Oil
    ·         Shampoo
    ·         Antiseptic Cream
    ·         Momate Cream
    ·         Nasal Clear Drops
    ·         Iodex / Moov Pain Balm
    ·         Vicks Vaporub Cream
    ·         Tablets – Crocin, Tablet to Stop Loose Motion, Head Ache, Digene, Pudin Hara, Hajmola, B Complex, Multi Vitamin Tablet,
    ·         Electrol Powder
    ·         Costyle Anti Dehydrant Powder
    Utility Items
    ·         Knife
    ·         Scissors
    ·         Umbrella
    ·         Three pin plug
    ·         Extension Cord
    ·         Pens, Pencils
    ·         Note Pads
    ·         Plastic Plates
    ·         Spoons
    ·         News Paper
    ·         Hot Pack Box
    ·         Mini Utility Set (Red Colour-Knife,Bottle Opener etc in one)
    ·         Paper Plates (Small & Large)
    ·         Thermos Flasks
    ·         Car Electrical Coffee Maker/Water Warmer
    ·         Water Bottle
    ·         Slippers, Sports Shoes, Thick Cotton Socks
    ·         Hand Kerchief
    ·         Hand Towels
    ·         Sports Shoes
    ·         Small Lock & Key for Carry Bag
    ·         Nylon Rope & Cloth Clips
    ·         Plastic Disposable Bags
    Inside Car
    ·         Razai Bed
    ·         Pillows with Pillow Covers
    ·         Rear Pillows
    ·         Bed Sheet
    ·         Blankets
    ·         Big Stick
    ·         Toys, Crayons, Color Pencils, Coloring Books, Drawing Books, Story Books
    ·         1 Hammer for Breaking Glass in case of Emergency with instruction to Wife & Kids
    Personal Wear Items
    ·         Sweater
    ·         Thermal Wear
    ·         Muffler
    ·         Monkey Cap
    ·         Ear Protection Plugs
    ·         Jeans Jacket
    ·         Socks
    ·         Cloths Dresses
    ·         Inner Wear
    ·         Thermal Wear
    ·         Bed Sheets
    ·         Blankets
    ·         Carpet on Seat for Back Seat

    I am adding few of the photos that I had taken from NOKIA Lumia on the Car's Preperation New Tyres being fixed, wheel alighment & balancing. GPS System from SATNAV.

    1. Tyres from YOKOHAMA India

    Sincere thanks to Mohan Uthappa of Yokohama & to Yokohama India for giving the support to our MYFIATWORLD.IN forum where our forum members get Corporate Benefit for Yokohama Tyres.
    Mohan Sincere thanks to you for all your help & support.
    Proud to say that we did this Trip on the Yokohama C Drive Tyres - Not a Single Puncture throughout the 9300 KM trip, Awesome Performance, Superior Grip, Complete Cusioning from the Extreme Bad Roads, Superior Cornering through the snakey mountain terrains in Nepal, Total confidence what more do we need.

    2. GPS System for India's No.1 GPS Company SATNAV

    Car's Navigation Syatem was from SATNAV Technologies India's No.1 GPS Company.

    I had 3 of SATNAV's Equipment

    1. GPS Navigation Device
    2. On-line GPS Tracker
    3. Video Camera Recorder

    3. Car' Stickering
    Car's Stickering was done by Rathnaa Car Decors located at Arcot Road in Chennai. The entire designing of the stickers in all the doors, & rear boot & the colorful India Map with the route mapping was done by Essilor India Pvt Ltd Design Team from Bengaluru.

    It has come out just awesome & fantastic & the end result is Superb.

    Hats of to the design team who did this from Bengaluru & to Rathnaa at Chennai for executing it perfectly by printing them in Chennai & doing an excellent sticking.

    I hope Essilor India Team & Arun who were involved in this Project will be very Happy & Proud with the end result.

    This H2H - 2K2K trip is made possible due to the Corporate Sponsorship from ESSILOR India Pvt Ltd.

    I sincerely first thank the Essilor India Management & the man who made this possible - "Arun Nagaraj".

    Day - 0

    Date: 21.12.2012

    Day: Friday

    Time: 10 PM Departure

    Starting Place: Chennai

    Destination Place: Kanyakumari

    Our neighbours in Ground Floor Padmanabhan Uncle & Aunty were kind enough to feed all 4 of us before we started off & wished us all the best & Bon Voyage.

    We picked up our first battle scar. It was my mistake.

    I am adding few pictures that I missed of 22nd December 2012.

    After checking into the hotel & getting freshned up we went to Suchindran to visit the famous Hanuman Temple.

    According to wikipedia:

    Suchindrum is a temple town situated in the southern most district of Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu State, India.

    It is 11 km from Kanyakumari city and 7 km from Nagarcoil town 70 km from adjacent Tirunelveli district and approximately 85 km from Thiruvananthapuram / Trivandrum City.

    The town of Suchindrum is renowned for the Thanumalayan Temple and was an important Citadel of Travancore.

    Suchindram temple is unique in the whole of India in that it is dedicated to three different deities represented by one image in the sanctum and is called Sthanumalayan (Sthanu-Shiva; Maal-Vishnu and Ayan-Brahma) kovil (Temple).

    The temple is rich in sculpture and architecture and a visitor to this temple is amply rewarded with the sight of such exquisite art of hundreds of years old.

    After Suchindrum Temple Visit we went to Kanyakumari Bhagavathy Amman Temple. It is worth the visit. Pictures are not allowed. All men & boys will have to enter the temple with bare chest without any cloths on the top of the body.

    So please be prepared to remove your Banyan & Shirts. This temple follows the rules similar to Kerala Style rules & regulations which are very strict & there is a dress code imposed.

    The dress code is also applicable for women. They used to insist women to wear Saris only but now they have accepted the Churidars.

    On the way to KK Amman Temple we stopped for a small photo session.

    We stayed in Udupi International Hotel @ Nagarcoil which is just 20 KMs short of Kanyakumari.

    This is a very good hotel & has ample parking space, good ambience and worth the time, money spent there,

    The tariff is also very reasonable too. I will definately recommend this hotel to any one who is planning to visit Kanyakumari & has a own vehicle / Taxi.

    You have just finished viewing the photos of Day - 0 i.e Chennai to Kanyakumari.

    Now Day - 1 of this Trip Starts from 22.12.2012 - Saturday.

    Please kindly bear with me for the delays as I am doing too many multi tasking.

    Right now I just finished this page from Bikaner in Rajasthan - I drove from Udaipur to Bikaner at 10 PM night & reached Bikaner covering 590 KMs and am on my way to visit the Junagadh fort.

    After the fort visit we will be heading to Amritser.

    We have by now covered 3800 KMs already of this trip.

    So you will have all the action with photos shortly as & when I find time.

    My son Uthamkumar is helping me in writing the text for the blog in a word document which I am dictating while driving.

    My little 5 year old daughter Shrimeenakshi is helping me writing down the odometr rwading on the toll gate slips as & when her mother is sleeping & the little one told me today at early morning 4 AM do not disturb the mother, I will help you in writing the numbers. I was so touched with this.

    My wife is keeping track of the tolls, fuel bills, hotel bills etc.

    To Read the 1st Prologue Page Click on this Link below;

    To Read the progress from Day - 1 please wait for further update.

    To Read the next 2nd Page details of Kanyakumari to Bengaluru Click on this Link below;


    1. Just finished reading the posts. Marvelous!
      What touched me most was little Sriminakshi's response and involvement to help father.
      Waiting for next part.

    2. Thanks for the detailed photographic update while on the move. Enjoy your trip, MN.

    3. MN, You are simply great.
      Drive safely and enjoy the trip.

    4. I don't find spare car key in the list of essential items. The spare car key should be carried by the driver all the time to open in case of automatic central locking. Hope, you have the spare car key with you, MN.

      1. Raviji, I think in Linea/punto the chance of getting key trapped inside is while closing boot door. Otherwise once the occupant go out the doors will not lock by itself. Am I correct?

      2. Yes. It happened to me in Jaipur. I wanted to shift some items from the boot to the cabin, unlocked the doors using the remote control, opened the boot, kept the key there, took out some items, closed the boot with key inside and as I was nearing the door, it got locked automatically; called the FIAT RSA and got it opened after about 2 hours.

      3. Oh! I missed that possibility. I thought of only occupants going out of the car without locking. Thanks.

    5. What a detailed update...
      What I am finding interesting here is the complete family is with much so that little Shrimeenakshi is also contributing her small little effort in helping MN during his drive..
      Enjoy every km of your drive and Drive Safe alongwith your family..

      Awaiting for the next route update H2H

    6. I was just counting the states that will be covering from the route map. 15 states and a neighbouring country in 15 days! Amazing.This may be record.

    7. You are a true Highway lover,I really appreciate your courage to do this,,hats off to you and and your whole family because without their support and patience ,it would have not been possible.Just enjoyed reading this and happy for coming more.

    8. Dear Team,
      I spoke to MN in the morning today and got to know that he was driving all night only to take hour of power nap in the morning at around 4 am.
      He has crossed the 8500km mark already and has 700+km to reach the city of Chennai.
      He was crossing the cultural capitol of AP aka Rajahmundry in the morning and was heading towards Vijayawada.
      He and his family are doing well and looking forward to enjoy some south Indian food specially the one cooked by Mrs.MN :-)
      More update soon ...
      Warm Regards,

    9. First of all it gives me great pleasure to say heartfelt & sincere thanks to all of you for all your love, best wishes, blessings & support without which we team of 4 (MN family) would not have made this herculian trip which has taken us from one tip to another tip. We started the trip from Kanyakumari Southern Tip of India and ended it on the Himalayan Tip at Surunkot from where the road leads to Himalayan Mountain from where we could see the Annapurna Range of Mountains of Himalayas so clear.

      The total distance we covered was 9300 KMs (12 km short to be precise 9288 KMs) started on 21st December 2012 and ended it safely on 7th January 2013 midnight 11.45 PM at our home.

      The starting Odometer Reading from Chennai to Kanyakumari was 41200 KMs on 21.12.2012 at 10 PM night and the closing KM yesterday was 50488 KMS that makes it 9288 KMS to be very precise in 17 days making it an average of 546 KMs per day of driving.

      The icing on the cake was - I did a non stop drive of from Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh) almost Nepal Border back to Chennai (Tamil Nadu) through Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh back to Tamil Nadu non stop with just 5 breaks, 3 major breaks of 3 hour & 2 hours each & 2 minor of 45 minutes & 30 minutes in 55 hours 54 minutes.

      We all were so fresh at night 11 PM when we reached Chennai at Anna Nagar where we stopped for our Dinner at Pizza Hut that we could have still driven on further except that all good things have to come to an end. So we have completed our 4th road trip safely & successfully and now I have kept you all waiting for so long time that it is time for me to deliever you all the wonderful photos & pictures & feedbacks etc which you all have been waiting so eagerly.

      I will not disappoint you all anymore.

      Last but not least there is one man whom we MN family would sincerely like to thank from the bottom of our heart Arun & Essilor India Pvt Ltd who made this trip happen by supporting us with the Sponsorship without which it would not have happend.

      Now I will let the photos & pictures do the taking in the next subsequent pages, so keep following me. You have so far seen 2 pages, just wait for the flood gates to open up now!!!!

      Like Arnold Schzwaneger said "I am BACK!!!!!"

      After doing the Gorakhpur (left on 5th January 2013 at 7 AM early morning) & reaching Chennai at 11.45 PM night on 7th January 2013 covering 2515 KMs totally yesterday midnight in 55 hours 54 minutes both my kids went to school today morning at 7 AM & 8 AM and I am back in office now.

      We just got delayed by 1 day as we had lost time from Lonavala onwards and the backlog got added to 1 day. Had it not been for the extreme bad road in Bihar I would have reached Chennai on Sunday night instead of Monday night.

      That speaks of our commitment to to the trip & our official lives (School & Office).

      So now start following me from page 3 onwards. I will keep you all entertained for sure.

    10. Driving 2500 km without overnight halt is a record. The man and the machine deserve a standing ovation.:) Great.

    11. Dear All,

      Kindly read the progress of the travel from Kanyakumari to Lonavala through Bengaluru. Visit this link to the next page.

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    13. Thanks for sharing your trip with us with pictures. Have abest tour. Best of luck, and pleased to listen that, its a record you drive 2500km wihtout overnight.
      Ben Linus,
      Go to my link

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