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Day - 2 Kanyakumari - Bengaluru 2 Lonavala Page No.3

Page No.3

Dear All,

This entire H2H 2K2K Road Trip is being made into a DVD Movie.

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What I am sharing with you all in this blog site is only the photos & not the videos taken and these priceless videos will be there in the DVD Movie.
I can assure you it will be real fun & worth watching it on big screen as a Movie over a nice weekend.

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Day - 2

Date: 23.12.2012

Day: Sunday

As per my planning & schedule this was the route & distance I calculated as per Google Maps.

DAY - 2: 23.12.2012 - Sunday
Kanyakumari to Lonavala
Start Time4:00 AM
Start Day  Sunday
Reach Time9:00 AM
Reach Day  Monday
Driving Distance KMs1570
Drive Time (Hours)22
HighwayNH - 4
VidudhnagarMadurai (Break Fast) 8 A.M. - 250 KMs42
RasipuramSalem (Lunch) - 2 P.M.30
Hosur(KK-BLR = 650 KMS) - A650
BangaloreTumkur (take NICE Bye Pass to Tumkur)70
HiriyurChitradurga (Dinner) - 8.30 P.M. - 1100 KMs40
(BLR-LON = 900 KMS) - B900
A + B1550
DAY - 3: 24.12.2012 - Monday
Hotel Check-In 24.12.2012 (Monday)9:00 AM
Hotel Check-Out25.12.2012 (Tuesday)5:00 AM
Hotel Chandralok
Near Post-Office & Bus Stand, Off Mumbai-Pune Highway, Lonavla - 410 401.
Tel: 02114 - 272294 / 273939
Hotel TariffWill fill in these details later post the trip.
Places to Visit @ Lonavala
Tiger's LeapWax Museum
Bhushi Dam

On 23rd December 2013 (Sunday) my wife & both the kids wanted to witness the famous early morning SUN RISE at Kanyakumari.

We started from Nagarcoil Hotel Udupi International an excellent stay we had, room was neat & nice and great, hotel ambience was superb, very good car parking space & value for money too, in fact it makes more sense to stay in this hotel in Nagarcoil instead of Kanyakumari (where the tariff was very high) if you have a car and drove down to Kanyakumari to watch the Sun Rise!

We rushed out of Hotel in Nagarcoil at 5.40 AM and it was a mad rush to the Kanyakumari beach 20 odd kms to see the famous Sun Rise.

The odometer reading on 22nd December 2012 night at 7.28 PM at Hotel Udupi International was 42005 KMs

It is always said Man Proposes & GOD disposes.

Today 23.12.2012 the Sun GOD decided to play spoil sport & played Cat & Mouse by hiding behind the clouds. We waited for almost 1 & 1/2 hours till 7.20 AM at the Beach & we did not see the Sun Rise.

There were so many people at the top of the look out point eagerly waiting to see the SUN.

We all were so creast fallen & sad, especially Jamuna who felt she wasted my time & was saying sorry and I said hey it is all in the game.

Our little Darling Baby Shrimeenakshi cheered all of us by telling she will show us the Sun & boy - o - boy what a Sun she showed to us a smiling Sun.

You all will definately like this for sure.

After seeing this Smiling Sun at Kanyakumari we felt so happy and bright we started our way to Bengaluru.

While we travel from Kanyakumari we come across 1000s of Windmills at a place called Muppandal / Aralvai Muzhi Pass where you will find all make & models of Wind Turbine Generators.

It really is an awesome sight to see. 

The highway NH7 is really superb to drive, clean & neat tarmac & a drivers paradise!

 On the way we came across a workshop where I wanted some tinkering & painting to be done on the rear left fender which had taken a hit at Nagarcoil.

The kids & the lady were so eager to see the action.

The result was so so.

Good old Murphy's Law always works "If Anything can go Wrong, it Will" something is better than nothing.

Nazar uthardiya thoda.

We moved on further & stopped at a BPCL Pump & it had a very good restaurant and we had our food & kids & Jamuna had some fun with the swing.

At 3.37 PM afternoon we were just 123 KMs to Hosur and we moved on.

At 6 PM we saw the SUN who had cheated us in the morning Setting and we decided to Catch the Sun GOD now.

Around 6.10 PM we finally entered Karnataka State by exiting out of Tamil Nadu State.

Vanakam (Salute) to Tamil Nadu.

Welcome to Karnataka!!!!

" Namma Ooru Bengaluru"

We were in touch with our good friend Arun Nagaraj of Essilor India at Bangalore the Man who was going to send us from one end of India to another.

At 7.45 PM evening at Bengaluru the odometer reading was 42691 KMs.

We had covered around 690 KMs from Kanyakumari to Bengaluru.

Arun wanted to personally come & meet us & encourage us and wish us. Boy - O - Boy he came like Christmas Santa with whole lot of goddies for the kids & for us.

DVD movies for the kids & the lady and MP3 songs, Energy Drink for me, chocolates & refreshments for the journey.

The kids were so enchanted & thrilled by the charismatic nature of Arun. Here he is working on my laptop.

The kids they hopped into Arun's FIAT Palio Multijet 1.3 Diesel. Me & Jamuna we followed him on the NICE Road Bye Pass towards Tumkur where he helped us to show the way till a Fuel Station where we fuled. 

"What a Brother! Bhai hoto Aisa"

We took leave from Arun & on the Tumkur Road entry we found New Agarwal Bhavan & we decided to have our Dinner.

We were on a Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu State) to Lonavala (Maharastra State) NON Stop Drive.

We had to cover 1600 KMs. We had just covered around 700 KMS from KK 2 BLR and we had yet to cover around 900 KMS from BLR 2 Lonavala in the night.

On 23rd December 2012 night 9.12 PM the odometer reading was 42713 and the outside temperature was 21 Deg C.

The journey will continue in the night.

I will be uploading photos & details shortly here. Enjoy.

Please visit this link below to read the travelogue of the Journey continued from Bengaluru towards Maharastra to Lonavala.
We exited Karnataka State & are now going to enter into Maharastra.


  1. Lovely feast of photos and narration! Convey Sreemeenakshi that we enjoyed the her Sun than the original.

    The truck is so confidently coming in wrong direction!

  2. Loved SriMeenakshi's sun :)

    Amidst such a heavy schedule, you even found time for a temp tinkering job! You continue to amaze us!

  3. @ MN : 2 Full packets of Popcorn & French Fries on my home table
    across the system and awaiting to witness the huge "Trip La Lonvala & Beyond "

    Present it Fast ... phlease phlease phlease