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Day - 5 Udaipur Page No.6

Page No.5

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Page No: 6

Day - 5

Date: 26.12.2012 (Wednesday)

Location: Udaipur, Rajasthan State

On Day - 4 25.12.2012 we had driven all the way from Lonavala Maharastra State through entire Gujarat State and had reached Rajasthan.

We have arrived to the beautiful city of Udaipur at mid night 12.55 AM on 26.12.2012.

We covered 888 KMs from Lonavala to Udaipur.

The Route & Roads from Maharastra through Gujarat till Rajasthan were great & nice to drive.

Our Drive from Lonavala was interesting.

We had met my good friends Shibu Tarak, Nilesh Naidu & his wife Jyoth who had come down from Mumbai to Lonavala on 24.12.2012 night. 

On 25.12.2012 on our way through Mumbai meeting with H.V.Kumar.

On reaching Udaipur we checked into Hotel Broadway in Udaipur at almost 1 AM midnight. It is a good hotel and thanks to Arun Nagaraj.

From last 2 days days I was seriously having problems with multipin car battery power supply adaptor.

I had a 1 to 3 DC adaptor which I was using as follows

1. 1 Slot Dedicated Power Supply for the SATNAV GPS System

2. 1 Slot Dedicated to the On Board Camera Recorder

3. 1 Slot for the children's DVD Player / Mobile Charing etc.

I also had purchased Belkin AC anywhere DC to AC convertor and I had carried creative speakers for my children to listen to the DVD movies.

The fuse had conked in the Belkin as well as the Car's Electrical Supply.

So now it was a serious issue and I sought help from the management of Hotel Broadway & they sincerely helped me to put me in touch with TATA FIAT service center and I went there to get the fuses replaced.

We lost some time unnecessarily in this process. After coming out of the service center the fuses again went kaput.

I had to stop at a car audio shop to pick up some more fuses & get the multi pin adaptor checked out.

The service center guys & the car accessories shop fellows were very helpful & supportive in resolving the issue.

 Udaipur is a very nice city & offers a lot of interesting places to see.

I left the FIAT Linea behind at the Hotel Broadway.

We hired an Auto to take us to the places around, it was fun to travel all cozy.

We went to the following places

1. Rajastham Emporium for some shopping for madam

2. Sahelion Ke Bari

3. Fateh Sagar Lake

4. Maha Rana Pratap Fort

This is an awesome place to visit.

Here you can pray to the GODs Lord Eklingnath to give you the Strength, Power, Wisdom that were given to the Maha Rana & his Warriors who never surrendered to the Mughals & died in the process of fighting for ever for his freedom.

"Swaraj Mera Janma Sidda Hakk Hai!"

Awesome Rajputs & we Indians should be so proud of these great warriors of bygone days.


After finishing the Maharana Pratap Fort visit we left Udaipur at 8.45 PM Night towards Bikaner.

I had no option but I had to do night drives for 3 contineous days even previous day we had done 888 KMs from Lonavala to Udaipur & previous to that we had done 1600+ KMs from Kanyakumari till Lonavala.

The estimated disatance from Udaipur to Bikaner 565 KMs

Udaipur to Bikaner
Start Time9 PM Night
Start Day  Wednesday
Reach Time2:00 PM
Reach Day  Thursday
Driving Distance KMs562
Drive Time (Hours)8
HighwayNH - 76
Night Driving
Start from Udaipur by 8.30 PM night & Reach Bikaner
NagaurBikaner 115
 Total Distance Estimated562

Roads in some parts through this route were very bad & you will encounter heavily loaded Marble stone carrying huge 40 feet open lorries.

HVK Sir had asked us to visit Nathdwara which is one of the famous Krishna / Mahavishnu Temple but we crossed this place 10.48 PM Night on 26.12.2012 

You have just read Page No.5 Travelogue of Udaipur on 26.12.2012.

Hope you all enjoyed reading it & will be happy to hear your feedback & comments if you wish to share.

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  1. While I was browsing through pictures I didn't realize who is Raja and then realize that it is Master Uthamkumar Raja. Good photos. Sreeminakshi is now very expert in bringing expressions on her face.Waiting for next part of travalouge......

  2. In one of the photo of the fort there is a isolated building in the middle of lake. Is it a place of worship? Looks interesting.
    The road that runs parallel to lake towards the mountain looks magnificent!

  3. MN, This is a fascinating journey and thank you for taking us with you on this trip virtually. Your narration & pics are excellent and keeps us glued.

    Three cheers to your family & esp ShriMeenakshi. Her expressions are priceless :)

  4. Dear Sunilkumar & Lloyd,

    My humble & sincere thanks to both of you as you are so kind to post few words of encouragement which really make my day.

    There is so much pleasure in life in sharing.

    What I am giving you by way of photos is already there and what I am giving you in this TL is not mine and rather it is a National Property of India and you see photos of what I saw through the lense.

    I hope all others who also read the travelogue share their views & feedback however small their remarks are so I will know whether they liked it.

    @ Sunil - the place in the middle of the lake is Udaipur Solar Observatory (USO). This beautiful lake, bordered by huge hills and woodland was constructed by Maharana Jai Singh to the north of Lake Pichola. It is an artificial lake dug up in 1678, reconstructed by Maharana Fateh Singh.

    Although primarily constructed for irrigational purpose, this lake has become a second major source of drinking water for the city of Udaipur.

  5. MN, When can we expect the next installment? I'm eagerly waiting for it.

  6. Dear MN, Thanks for answering my query. The kind of efforts that you have taken just to share us, the good moments of the trip needs to be mentioned with a gratitude. It is easy to travel if one has the energy for it, but it is very difficult to make it to useful for others. And what we can give back is a word of appreciation from heart whenever we enjoy the post.May be we readers community should convey our gratitude to entire family, without them it would have not possible to make it in a presentable form. Just waiting for the next episodes as the routes it self will be a totally new for us.

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