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Day - 4 Lonavala to Udaipur Page No.5

Page No.5

Dear All,

This entire H2H 2K2K Road Trip is being made into a DVD Movie.

In fact all my previous Road Trips have also been made into DVD Movie.

This movie will have all the photos, videos, text with explanations & very nice MP3 Songs for background which will ultimately make watching this movie as a virtual journey along with MN family to NEPAL in your own home with your own family a very memorable experience for sure.

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What I am sharing with you all in this blog site is only the photos & not the videos taken and these priceless videos will be there in the DVD Movie.

I can assure you it will be real fun & worth watching it on big screen as a Movie over a nice weekend.

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Day - 4

Date: 25.12.2012 (Tuesday)

Starting Place: Hotel Chandralok @ Lonavala in Maharastra State

Starting Odometer Reading: 43631 KMs @ 5.30 AM Temp 18 Deg C

Destination: Udaipur in Rajasthan State

Route: Lonavala - Mumbai - Panvel - Valsad - Ankleshwar - Surat - Bharuch -  Ahemedabad - Gandhi Nagar - Udaipur

DAY - 4: 25.12.2012 - Tuesday
Lonavala to Udaipur
Start Time5:00 AM
Start Day  Tuesday
Reach Time8:00 PM
Reach Day  Tuesday
Driving Distance KMs885
Drive Time (Hours)13
HighwayNarol-Naroda Road
PanvelThane West35
YELLOW Sticker on Head Lamps thru GJ & RJ
Thane WestValsad180
AhemedabadGandhi Nagar25
Gandhi NagarUdaipur235
Estimated Distance KMs885

Now we will all be travelling together from Lonavala to Udaipur.

We team of 4 (Shrimeenakshi, Uthamkumar, Jamuna & MN) had got up by 4.15 AM and we all had a good bath & were ready by 5.15 AM and had settled the hotel bill by 5.20 AM and we were ready for another long journey of approx 850 KM plus for the day.

Remember the golden rule of Travel - Start very early & you will cover 200 kms extra.

A great message from my children to all.
Universal Brotherhood.

We had a date with the all time great Highway King the Ranjikanth & Shehansha of Indian Highways a.k.a Shri H.V.Kumar.

This kind hearted man has a wikipedia site on him that will in brief tell about him what & who he is.

If I write too many things he will not be too happy as he doesn't like too much publicity but likes little and he is thrilled to meet people & receive them too.

He sent us earlier on a Mission from Coimbatore to Bhutan which was our 3rd Road Trip (Hatrick) that was called "Life Mein Linea" which we did in 16 days & had covered 7400 KMs. If anyone is interested can go through the details which is very detailed & very long & has more than 17 pages.

This Highway 2 Himalayas 2K2K Trip I had prepared my own schedule & I had sent it to HVK to got it vetted with the expert & had sought some advise.

His comments on my receiving the such a detailed excel sheet that I had prepared were as follows;

1. Dialogue is Tamil between me & HVK

HVK to me on 16th Dec 5 days before start of my trip on 21st Dec

 "Yenna Saar..Rombha Challenging ga Trip Plan Panni irrukirel! 8500 KMs in 16 days ah? Romba Kashtam family oda, (Translations: What Sir..You have planned a very challenging trip! 8500 KMs in 16 Days uh? Too difficult with family"

HVK to me again "I know you & your family well! I have seen you do Bhutan but this trip is different. You will face 3 major challenges & you should bear it in mind.

1. Extreme Cold & Chillness Up North India, be very prepared & it is very very bad.

2. Extremely high amount of FOG right from Rajasthan onwards till all the way to Nepal via Punjab & Uttaranchal etc

3. Extremely bad roads in some of the circuits of your drive you have planned & you will loose a lot of time.

I was not sure what I said except that I will leave it to the kind GODs & take the blessings of our Temple Amma & this great man whose name itself made us do the Bhutan & we were sure we will crack Nepal.

Now for the photos - let them do the talking.

Our Trip will not be complete without the photo of a very old lady who is called Kovil Amma from Coimbatore. (Temple Mother).

She said she will be sending Lord Karapurayan (Lord Shiva) with us to be with us always to help, protect, support & guide us to take us wherever we wish to go & to bring us back home safely. She had sent us holy ash.

Jamuna's parents, sisters & Jamuna do not take any decision without consulting / taking the blessings from Amma.

Well faith has no questions or doubts. I can honestly say that we always found some one at each & every city when we entered there was some one who helped us & guided us properly and showed us the way even at dead midnight 1.30 AM. 

I have been knowing Kovil Amma from the time I married Jamuna & all I can say is that she definately has the power to protect.

Now let us all meet the all time great Highway King the Ranjikanth & Shehansha of Indian Highways aka Shri H.V.Kumar ...mildly I can say he has done more than 8 Lakh KMs of Drive on Indian Roads.

Rana & his Chetak!

I contacted HVK as soon as I was approaching Mumbai. HVK guided us how to come to Mulund where he stays. He said the route is called HVK bye-pass by all his friends ha ha..

Here Jamuna is saying Hurray do you know who is this great man? Jamuna & HVK & my kids are now old friends and he knows them very well.

He had come down to our house in Coimbatore in 2011 after we had completed the Bhutan Trip when he was on his way to Trivandrum.

We are about to enter HVK's NEST!

A Date with the Shehansha!

My kids found a plastic bucket which has plastic packets full of small parcels of soil / sand / mud samples which HVK has been collecting each & every time he has been visiting a place for the last so many years. Each packet has been neatly tagged & documented.

Some collect Gold, Platinum, Diamonds. Rubies & Sappahires & here is a gentle man who just loves to collect Mother Earth from so many places...priceless!!!

Jamuna made some very nice steaming cup of coffee for both of us and HVK was explaining to us that he was just getting ready to leave on a long drive to Wayanad in Kerala by evening where HVK Fan Forum from the Facebook some 250 members & their families were about to assemble.

He was really streched out with so many things happening, logistics, hotel bookings, tents, food arrangements, caps, T Shirts, Badges etc etc..

We did not waste much time excep spent time from 8 AM till 9.30 AM.

HVK's priced might look at this Khatara Beat Up Bike in distate as a rusting nut & bolt steel mass..we all should respect this bike..way back in 90s he drove on this Suzuki Bike Solo all the way from Mumbai to Bhutan!! He was chased by an Elephant while he was passing through Beerpara Animal Crossing Area..interesting..

Rana & his faithfull Black Chetak. He also has still an old Matiz (his 1st car) in the same compound too. 

Here we were the 1st HVKians to get 2 Caps & 2 HVK Badges FOC from the Great Chief himself which my 2 cubs wore with great pride & respect to this great man almost throughout the trip.

These 2 cubs of mine are true Highway Kings Now!

HVK escorted us into his NEST from the HVK Bye-pass and here he is again escorting us out of the HVK Bye-pass to the road towards Panvel & Gujarat.

SATNAV GPS being used by me in my FIAT Linea and here we are being escorted by the Human GPS.

We are on our way from Maharastra towards Gujarat & then on to Rajasthan.

Time Below; 1.45 PM afternoon on 25.12.2012

2 PM.

We stopped enroute for Lunch at around 2.30 PM.

At 3 PM we were about to leave after lunch & the car had touched 44000 KM mark in its journey in 2 years from 2nd Dec 2010.

We had completed 2800 KM of our H2H Trip from Chennai till now.

Passing through Ankleshwar was a great challenge and as advised by HVK we did not go through the Highway as the Bridge on the highway was weak & traffic was being regulated & we would losse time.

HVK had advised us to go through the city and so we went through a road from within the city which takes us through an old bridge on a river and takes us back to the highway again.

Several giant companies have factories in Ankleshwar like Asian Paints, Glaxo, Godrej, Sandoz, Sun Pharma, LUPIN, United Phosphorous, Gharda Chemicals, SPC lifescience, RPG lifescience etc.

Gujarat & Gujaratis are Vibrant!!!

This is a 132 year old bridge on River Narmada connects Ankleshwar to Bharuch.

Mind you .. it is a very narrow bridge & 2 vehicles will pass so close that you can be at times left wondering whether will we pass without rubbing each other!

This Bridge has still survived so much of abuse and the new one has some problem. Thats why they say old is Gold.

This Bridge is known as Golden Bridge!

At 6.15 PM evening we are 92 KMs short of Ahmedabad.

At 10.45 PM night we were entering Rajasthan State.

We had just exited Gujarat & are now in Rajasthan.

We reached Udaipur at mid night 12.55 AM on 26.12.2012.

We had started at Lonavala at 5.30 AM in the morning and the odometer reading was 43631 KMs and the closing KM at Udaipur on reaching is 44519 KMs.

We had travelled 888 KMs from Lonavala to Udaipur.

Welcome to Udaipur.

You just finished reading Page No.4 the Travelogue of Day - 4 Lonavala to Udaipur Rajasthan on 25.12.2012.

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To Read the Next Page No.5 Travelogue of Udaipur City Visit Day - 5 26.12.2012 click on this link below


  1. The Bridge at Ankleshwar remind me of old bridge across river Periyar near Alwaye and another one that connect Ernakulam to naval base. . There used to be a heavy traffic block. But this one looks deadlier than that. It is a shame that we are not able to build a strong wide bridge in GQ.


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